Cold Storage

Cold Storage Monitoring


  • In most cold storage warehouses, there are a variety of products that all require different specific temperature requirements.
  • Business owners and partners in the “Cold Chain” (including cold storage warehouses, logistics, and point of sale) require centralized and automated tracking of temperatures and product to ensure proper handling of product.
  • Temperatures across the entire warehouse must be measured and analyzed continuously to prevent product loss and to pinpoint problem areas.


  • Place temperature probes in critical positions across the warehouse.
  • Automate temperature data to immediately warn operators of potential issues.
  • Provide flexibility to operators to change sensor locations and rules to follow changes in warehouse product & conditions.

Key Business Requirements


Temperature monitoring
in key areas.


Precise automatic control
& Warning.


Precise tracking
& Accountability.

Solution Illustration


Humidity and temperature data collected by sensors embedded with LoRa Technology


Data from the sensor/device is periodically sent to a LoRabased Gateway


Gateway sends information to network server where the data is analyzed by an application server


Application server sends alerts on cold storage status to operator via mobile device or computer

Solution Illustration

Automation & Rules Guide Sample

  • Example Rule #1: Send SMS based on Temperature out of range.
  • Trigger: Temperature out of range: -5.5~-5.0C
  • Action: Send SMS message directly to operator.
  • Example Rule #2: Send email based on temperature out of range to stakeholder.
  • Trigger: Temperature out of range: -5.5~-5.0C
  • Action: Send email to relevant operator and stakeholders including site name, area location and temperature issue.