GeneXus™ is an agile development platform which allows your company to effortlessly adapt and publish software as technology evolves. GeneXus™ streamlines application development by automatically generating everything from databases to code, frontend to backend, and server-side to client-side services. It’s not magic — just a smarter way to create smart technology.

GeneXus™ automatically generates applications for multiple experiences: native apps for mobile and smart devices, Watch, Apple TV, responsive and progressive web apps, and even for Chatbots and Virtual Assistants. GeneXus™ allows you to integrate your application with existing and external systems, develop new functionalities or create an entirely new system. It also simplifies the access and process of information from numerous platforms, without the need of modifying your current systems.


Agile Development

Flexible and responsive which priorities getting the job done on any device

Test In Cloud

One click to publish, share, and test apps to the Cloud effortlessly

Cross Platform

Supports 24 different mobile, desktop, web, browser, server, and legacy platforms

Integrate IT

Provides technology-independent space for merging incompatible systems and outputting fully intergrated databases

Rapid Development

Creates multiple platforms and report average develop-test-deploy cycle of just 14 days

Built-in Security

Built-in-security for secure app access, server-side, and data-transfer