Wirnet iFemtoCell

The Wirnet iFemtoCell is a smart, configurable and performant indoor LoRaWAN gateway for smart IoT network. Based on LoRa® technology, this gateway is perfectly designed for indoor public network extension (additional coverage in buildings to densify public network availability and continuity of service) or for ad-hoc indoor private coverage, like manufacturing, logistics or industrial sites requiring continuous connectivity for their IoT applications. Available in most global unlicensed frequency bands (like ISM ones), this cost-effective gateway is proposed through a compact and full featured casing. Easy to configure, it offers multiple options for backhaul like Ethernet, WiFi or WWAN. Used as a hub to connect end devices, it can power various in-building enterprise applications like assets monitoring, energy consumption control, security enforcement or any other operation-critical data collection in various environment (buildings, factory, industrial sites, farms, harbors, airports, mines…). This LoRaWAN gateway leverages the same successful LoRa® RF technical design as its carrier-grade predecessor, the Wirnet Station, and offers high performance for very deep indoor coverage in demanding environments (basement, underground, parking, elevators shafts…) to connect energy meters, parking sensors or equipment actuators. This long-range and low-power gateway offers 49 LoRa® demodulators over 9 channels and comes with exclusive features for its remote monitoring and management with Kerlink network operations solutions, the Wanesy Management Center. The Wirnet iFemtoCell is also compatible with the Wanesy Small Private Network solution to deploy standalone and self-operating LoRaWAN private network.



High performance, reliability & robustness
• Semtech Reference Design v1.5 components,
• Integrated Wi-Fi antenna,
• Built-in with high rejection filters.


Security HM and SW architectures
• SecureBoot (Signed firmware),
• SecureStorage (keys and certificates in secured area) using ProvenCore™ solution,
• Secured links and backhaul protection (OpenVPN/IPsec),
• Reboot (watchdog) and recovery on previous Management config (or factory config if the boot issue is not fixed).

Technical features


• Sniffer for LBT (Listen Before Talk),
• Rx Sensitivity: -141 dBm (SF12),
• TX Power: configurable from 5dBm to 27dBm,
• Range -20°C +55°C, (for gateway only, without power supply),
• Humidity: 5% to 95%,
• Size: 160 x 90 x 35 mm,
• Weight: 163g (Gateway only); 372g (with packing),
• Spectrum analysis compliant,
• Casing: IP30,
• CPU: ARM Cortex A9,
• DDRAM 256MB,
• 8GB eMMC (6GB available for user).