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KERLINK a fast-growing, global, and publicly traded provider of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, who is implement public or private connectivity to telecom operators, Industries and public authorities worldwide, with subsidiaries in the US, Singapore, India, Japan. And PT. Berjaya Inovasi Global (BIG) becomes Kerlink distributor in Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been appointed to do some necessary actions such as promote, negotiate, sell, exhibit, import and responsible for all the after-sales service on behalf of Kerlink, within Indonesian territory.

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Kerlink is recognized as one of the top global providers of LoRaWAN network infrastructure & solutions, with a history of delivering top quality IoT network hardware and software for mobile network operators in Europe, South Asia, South America and the U.S. Its success at working with established telecom companies such as Tata, Spark and Senet, which considered a variety of narrowband Internet of Things protocols, demonstrates Kerlink’s superior stations and its flexible software solutions for LoRa technology.



The Wirnet iFemtoCell-evolution is the ideal gateway to support you in your smart city, smart building or every smart project that requests dedicated indoor coverage and/or network densification, providing both a unique superior coverage and operational excellence with an internal 3G/4G backhaul.

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Wirnet iFemtoCell

The Wirnet iFemtoCell is a smart, configurable and performant indoor LoRaWAN gateway for smart IoT network.

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Wirnet iStation

The “Wirnet iStation” is the evolution of the Wirnet Station. It is the ideal gateway to support your smart city, smart industry or any other smart project, combining simplicity of installation, unique superior coverage and operational excellence.

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Wirnet iBTS

The Wirnet iBTS IoT gateway is a robust, performant and highly scalable geolocation-ready outdoor LoRaWAN gateway for smart IoT network.

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